22 + bucket list ideas for 2016



Hi beauties! Some of us have a bucket list of things we want to accomplish or places we want to go, but do we ever really put those ideas into action? Most of us just keep adding and adding without crossing things off. What if we actively pursued the things we wanted in life? 

Items on our bucket lists don’t have to be extreme or expensive things. They can be ‘small’ like going to that new restaurant you’ve been talking about, or going to a concert, or doing a perfect balancing half moon yoga pose. Your list can be anything that feeds your soul and makes you feel alive and abundant. 

Let’s make 2016 the year of adventure, the year or abundance, the year of experience.   

22 Bucket List Ideas for 2016:

  1. You know that exercise class you’ve always wanted to try. Try it.
  2. Create a Vision Board. Go crazy with it. Pour your soul on it and fill it with inspiration and travel
  3. Do something that scares you. Sing karaoke, go skydiving, speak in front of a group, start a business.
  4. Take steps to make your life more eco-friendly.
  5. Plan a weekend for yourself. Clear your entire schedule, abstain from social media and email, and turn your phone on silent for an entire weekend (2-3 days) and do nothing but things you want to do, by yourself. Take a bath, do some yoga or stretching, read, lay, watch a feel good movie, and just be.
  6. Add gratitude into your daily life.
  7. Take a cold shower in the morning for an entire week. It’s good for your lymphatic system and your mental health.
  8. For one whole week, let everything go. Don’t be a slave to societal expectations.
  9. Make a feel good playlist that’s easily accessible. You never know when you’ll need to zone out and have a jam sesh.
  10. Try morning pages for a week, better yet, a month! When you wake up in the morning, set your timer for 10 minutes (5 at the very least) and write down everything on your mind. Breathe. Start again the next morning and see how you feel after a week.
  11. Make your own nut milk. It will have fewer chemicals, less sugar, and it’s fresh!
  12. Master a yoga pose you’ve wanted to do.
  13. Spend a weekend being a tourist in your own town. Take some art photos, buy souvenirs, and see it through new eyes.
  14. Go on a picnic.
  15. Complete a Whole30 as an elimination diet and commit to nourishing your body.
  16. Treat yourself to a professional photo shoot just because.
  17. Learn how to do a perfect push-up and work your way up to 20 in a row.
  18. Commit to going on a regular date with your significant other. You spouse, your friend, your neighbor, your grandma; anyone that is significant in your life.
  19. Meditate for 5-10 minutes every day for a week. Don’t worry about doing it right or wrong. Meditate in a way that is beneficial to you and makes you feel at peace.
  20. Create a capsule wardrobe.
  21. Commit to regular self-care. Give yourself a mani/pedi, light some candles and have a bubble bath, read a book, take a nap, or anything else that you can to relish in.
  22. Give to your favorite charity. Do a little research and donate what you can.
  23. Create a morning and bedtime ritual that makes you happy.
  24. Embrace your body as it is. It’s beautiful.
  25. Bring more love into the world.
  26. Spend one week not caring what others think.
  27. Make a plan for traveling
  28. Offer to mentor someone.
  29. Commit to 24 hours of silence.
  30. Love yourself, unconditionally. Accept yourself, completely. 

Let’s create + manifest our best year yet! 

Taylor + Stephany + Barb 

What are some things that are on your bucket list for 2016, big or small? How are you going to put these into action? Tell us as a comment below. :)