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22 ways to make your life more earth friendly (wardrobe edition)

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In celebration of Earth Day we are giving you our 22 favorite ways to manage your wardrobe while honoring and protecting mother earth and its inhabitants! 

  1. recycle :: Don’t throw your clothes away … recycle them. Donate them to a charity that will get good use out of them or give them to a friend or family member.
  2. party party! :: Have a wardrobe swap party with your best girlfriends. Invite friends to  bring their clothes and accessories that are no longer useful to them to the hosts home, add snacks and drinks, and everyone can shop each others closets. And best of all, it’s free! What’s old to someone is new to someone else!
  3. re-re-re-remix! :: Remix your wardrobe. Look at the things you have and think of how you can change the way you put them together to spice it up. Start tying your scarf differently, double up a short necklace with a long necklace, or layer things in a new way.
  4. use what you’ve got honey ::  Take inventory of the clothes and challenge yourself to wear all of them. It is so easy to tuck a few tops in the back of your closet and forget you have them!
  5. repurpose & fix :: Is there a button missing? Now’s a good time to fix it! Maybe you have some jeans that are just a little too short, repurpose them and turn them into jean shorts or capris! The possibilities are endless.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  6. invest :: Just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean you should buy it. Invest in high-quality pieces for your wardrobe that will last and are good for the earth and the people who make them.
  7. buy non-toxic :: Much of the fibers that make up our clothes are grown in gallons upon gallons of pesticides and then dyed with toxic chemicals. Buy items that are made with natural dyes and aren’t grown with harmful chemicals.
  8. buy sustainable :: Buy goods that are made with sustainable materials and dyes.
  9. support :: Shop at places that embody the same wardrobe values you do.
  10. all-American :: Choose items that are 100% made in the good ole’ USA.  Be careful, some items may say ‘Made in the USA’ but their materials may be from another country.
  11. be fair :: Simply put … buy fairly traded goods.  
  12. buy local :: Purchase items from local stores and boutiques instead of big superstores and international chains.
  13. buy vintage or second-hand :: You can find great classic pieces at a local thrift store or vintage boutique!
  14. go veg! :: Yes, it’s earth friendly to eat a vegan diet, but also choosing items for your wardrobe that are animal byproduct free helps as well!
  15.  organic :: Opt for organic cotton products instead of conventional cotton. The growing process of conventional cotton wastes water and uses harmful pesticides, while organic cotton is a much more sustainable and a healthier option.                                                                                                   
  16. wash well :: Use a high quality, non-toxic soap to wash your clothes instead of a harsh toxic detergent.                              
  17.  say no to dry cleaning :: The dry cleaning process uses the chemical, tetrachloroethylene, which is a known carcinogen. The best option is to avoid dry cleaning all together, but if you must dry clean an item, find a ‘green’ dry cleaning company that uses “wet cleaning” or a liquid CO2 technique.
  18.  take care :: Take good care of what you have by washing items only when they need it, mending rips or tears immediately, and storing them properly.                                                                               
  19. spread the word :: Tell all your girlfriends about how they can make their wardrobe (& life) more earth friendly. One of the best things you can do in life is spread meaningful knowledge. :)
  20. speak up :: Tell your local boutiques and stores that the environment and your health are important to you. This way they too can join in on the ethical fashion movement!
  21. go capsule :: Create a mix & match wardrobe with a set number of items, something like 40, and change out those items seasonally. Start shopping and/or planning for the season two weeks in advance. This allows you to have easier decision making when getting ready, endless mix and match possibilities, quality pieces, and best of all more time to enjoy your life.  
  22. question :: Question labels. “Green washing” is when companies say their products are good for the earth but they really are not and unfortunately it is extremely common. Just because something says it is eco-friendly doesn’t always mean it is. Dig a little deeper, the more information they give you, the better the product.


We hope to inspire you to create an earth friendly wardrobe. As always, tell us what you think in the comments!

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