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spring break packing (the escape plan)

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It’s March! The month of spring break vacations. You’re probably getting ready to do your shopping for new and fun items to pack whether you’re going to a local destination or a beach far away! We’ve done the work for you with this handy dandy list of healthy & ethical essentials! 


  • shampoo & conditioner … Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner will help cleanse and moisturize your mane from the wind, ocean, chlorine, and normal wear and tear.
  • face care Servello Organic Foaming Face Cleanser + Servello Jojoba & Aloe Face Lotion … done!
  • soapSwitchmint, a best seller! Much healthier than hotel room samples!
  • body scrub … The Lemongrass+Ginger Body Scrub will exfoliate and save your skin from drying out to keep it nice and smooth!
  • lotion … The Organic Lemongrass Skin Drink is essential to for hydrating your skin and giving it a natural glow.
  • deodorant (aka: pit paste) … Our favorite DIY recipe: 2 parts baking soda + 2 parts cornstarch + 1 part coconut oil + a few drops of your favorite essential oil (store in a small glass jar).
  • body sprayPink Grapefruit is our favorite for warm weather fun!
  • feet careMini Feet Treat Kit (travel size), especially Toe + Heel Butter. We don't know about you, but when we’re on Spring Break we tend to be barefoot most of the time, so it’s important to keep your feet exfoliated and hydrated.
  • nail polish … Healthy nail ‘gear’ … Sticky Base Coat + pop of color (maybe Coral, Orange or Yellow) + Glossy Top Coat  = perfectly polished nails!
  • tooth brush & toothpaste … Try this healthy DIY recipe: equal parts baking soda + coconut oil + a few drops of peppermint essential oil.
  • coconut oil (well, for everything!) … 1. shaving; 2. makeup remover; 3. oil pulling (swish in your mouth for cleaning and detoxifying) 4. lip balm; 5. sunscreen (see below)! Oh my! (Make sure to use Organic Extra Virgin Unrefined to receive the benefits!)


  • swimsuit & cover-up … Find a swimsuit and a cover up that makes you feel beautiful and completely comfortable. It’s time we stop feeling uncomfortable and start feeling empowered! :)
  • beach totePortland CarryAll in Sunflower. Toss all your beach favorites in this beauty and hit the sand!
  • sun protection … Coconut oil, baby! Make this DIY sunscreen from Dr. Axe!
  • oh, and your hat! … Go bold with the Avery Fedora in Sunflower to match your Portland CarryAll or go laid back with the Mika Hat in Natural. Either way, you will be stylin’ in the sand!

day wardrobe

  • the favorite tank AND the favorite tee … The Asymmetrical Pocket Tank and the Anna Top are both a huge hit and pair so well with dark or light jean shorts or a pair of ripped ankle pants and a lovely pendant necklace!
  • lightweight scarf …The Kantha or the Selam are amazing, fair trade, and versatile scarves you can wear anywhere!
  • flip flops, sandals, & booties …Pack your ‘go to,’ fun, and comfy shoe for ‘touristy’ activities, walking around town, and hanging by the pool!

evening wardrobe

  • date night outfit, of course! … Pack your dress, your handbag, your jewelry, your shoes, and your smile...Dress Me Up! (Also, check out this post as a date night resource.)
  • sweaters for chilly nights, can’t forget that! … It’s great to have a dressier option, like this, a casual option like this, and an in between option like this.
  • happy gorgeous feet = happy gorgeous night, right? …Bring your favorite fabulous wedges or heels, but make sure they are comfortable!

basic wardrobe

  • exercise gear … A comfy top with a pair of soft leggings, and your sneakers! If you plan on meditating, or releasing your inner yogi … don’t forget your mat! :)
  • sleepwear …Your ‘I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night’ tee and leggings make a stylish and comfy ‘pajama’ outfit!


other essentials

  • camera …Capture your amazing adventure. Get creative, shoot from all angles, but be sure not to let it take up all of your time! Snap a few shots, and then sit back and enjoy!
  • sunglasses, sweetie … Protect your eyes with some unique and ethical sunglasses at the beach, walking around, and traveling!
  • reading material … We love to travel with these! So inspiring and uplifting to read in a relaxing setting on the beach or while in transit!
  • travel journal … Soulful! Use for sketching, writing ideas, or journaling about events you want to remember. Bring a gorgeous, travel size journal for on the go!
  • water bottle …You will most likely be having fun in the sun and indulging in the wonderful eats and sips so it will be important to keep your water bottle handy to keep yourself hydrated. (Tip: Choose a glass water bottle to help eliminate the toxin factor of the plastic alternative.)

Don't worry about taking notes ... all you have to do is follow our spring break packing (the escape plan) board on Pinterest and pin away! 

What are some of your Spring Break packing tips? Tell us in the comments below.