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up 2 date nite

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Alright ladies! It’s the week of love and most of you are planning something special! We’ve crafted the steps to take you all the way Up 2 Date Nite whether you’re spending it with your spouse, a friend, girlfriends, or if you’re planning a night in with your beautiful self!

  1. Give Yourself Time

Running late is stressful especially if someone is waiting on you! Give yourself more than an hour to get ready. Two hours may be perfect, but you know yourself best.

  1. Set The Mood

Getting ready can seem like a hassle sometimes so why not make the most of it? Have a pre-date with yourself. Spritz your bedroom or bathroom with a delicious and healthy room freshener, light a nontoxic candle, and play your favorite music! (Tip: We suggest choosing music that makes you feel amazing, confident, and sexy!)

 3. Prep … cleanse, exfoliate, soak, relax, & moisturize!

Check out The Occasional Bath post from Blog 22 for tips on prepping.  Remember to take your time and connect with yourself!

  1. Hydrate

Hydrate and cleanse your system before your date by sipping on a glass of warm water or organic green tea with fresh lemon or lemon essential oil!

  1. Mini Mani/Pedi

Give yourself a mini mani/pedi by touching up your nails with a top coat, or wipe your slate clean, do some trimming and a quick polish. Go neutral or go bold!

  1. Romantic Hair & Makeup

We believe that less is more! For your hairstyle, we suggest going with a simple style that makes you feel sexy and comfortable! Simple is better! Look at your outfit and decide if you would rather have a smoky eye or a bright lip. It’s best to choose one or the other … smoky eye with a neutral lip, or neutral eye with a bright lip! Go with what you feel!

  1. Dress Up

Dress your gorgeous body in a classy and authentic-2-you number. Get dolled up in your LBD, your iClutch, your bling, and your confidence!

  1. Spritz

Remember the room freshener we linked to above? Guess what … it doubles as a perfume! Neat and minimalist, we know. It produces a subtle yet natural vibrant scent. Or dab Ylang Ylang essential oil on your wrists, neck, and temples as another natural but yummy option. 

  1. Tell Yourself … I Love You

Gaze in the mirror at your breathtaking self and say I Love You. Go ahead say it. Because, how can anyone else love us if we don’t love ourselves? :)

   10.  Set your Intention for the Night

Do you want to get to know someone new, blow off steam with the girls, have a relaxing night away from home duties, connect with your spouse, or rekindle some self-care for you? Whatever it may be, setting the intention helps you get what you want out of the night!

Getting ready for date night can be made into a fun and even a spiritual practice. Take your time and connect with yourself so you can do the same with those you love! You may decide that this ritual isn’t just for date night but something you want to do more often! Now you are Up 2 Date Nite!


 Up 2 Date Nite 'Pinable' Recipe Card Below!