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be a tourist in your hometown

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You may have some serious #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) if you didn’t go on vacay this season and all your friends hit up Spring Break. It’s ok! You don’t need to travel far and spend a lot of money to get some culture, relaxation, sightseeing and a little adventure in your life. You can do it in your own hometown. (For the sake of this article, ‘hometown’ is the town you are living in right now)

Here are 22 ways to be a tourist in your own town:

  1. Plan it. Sometimes planning the vacation is almost as fun as going on it. So take some time to plan this one. Have fun with it.
  2. Or don’t plan it. Whatever feels good to you, go for it.
  3. Relax. Often when we aren’t on ‘vacation’ or travelling somewhere we are wound tight. Even if we are meeting someone for drinks a couple blocks from the house. We are not usually in the checked out mindset unless it’s an official ‘vacation.’ So relax and enjoy daily moments.
  4. Get a hotel…in a different part of town. It’ll make it feel more real. Don’t want to spend the money? Pack your bags and sleep in your guest room. Make it feel like a hotel.
  5. Have a ‘staycation.’ Don’t want to go out? It’s ok! Have a vacation in your own home. Get out old family photos and video, watch movies, meditate, take baths, play games, etc.
  6. Don’t go to the same old places, try new ones. Venture out and try things you never have before.
  7. Don’t forget your Camera…and snap lots of pics!
  8. Visit museums in your town or area. Even the ones you don’t think you’ll like or have always made jokes about being stuffy. They may surprise you. You will likely gain a respect for the culture and history for your area.
  9. Get online to find discounts, specials or coupons. This will help save you some mula.
  10. Find the highest place in the city. Wherever that is, go! Is it a skyscraper? No problem, go all the way to the top, it’ll be fun! Is it a hill? Even better, it’ll get you out in nature. #awesomeinstagramshots
  11. Take new routes. Know your way around really well? Challenge yourself to take the back roads to your destination.
  12. Or Get lost. Make it an adventure and challenge your need to control. 
  13. Find the best lakes, ponds, wooded areas, parks, bridges, etc. Add some nature into your life. Even if you’ve been to that spot before, go and enjoy. Try looking at it in a different way. We promise it will reduce your stress and make your vacation more relaxing.
  14. Contact a travel agent. What will they recommend for your area?
  15. Survey your friends. Ask your friends and family about their favorite local haunts.
  16. Rent a car. Hop in a new ride and explore.
  17. Take public transportation. This is definitely a cheaper route and will surely take you to new places in your area. Even if it’s Uber. Do it. 
  18. Make a list of seasonal activities. Take advantage of special events!
  19. Have a date night. Dress up and go out, arrange for a rooftop private dinner, or a picnic in the country.
  20. Take a tour. Walking tour, wine tasting, whatever your beautiful town has to offer.
  21. Remember the camera? Take the time after your vacation to edit your photos so you can show others.
  22. Share. You would share your selfie with the Eiffel Tower, right? This is no different. Ok, maybe it’s a little different, but sharing your adventures with friends and family is part of the fun. You could even make it into a project or blog like ‘My Vintage Smithville,’ ‘Coffee Tour of Sweetwater,’ or ‘Blackhawk Through a 70s Filter.’

Make staying at home as fun as travelling far. Adventure is not limited to a radius outside of your home. Have fun!

Taylor + Stephany + Barb

What are some things you do to be a tourist in your town?